Goodbye Deli Counter, I Have Vegetarians

In the years B.P. (no, not BritishPetroleum and you know why I didn’t abbreviate Pre-Pescatarianism) I would go to the local supermarket deli counter, and have conversations with the deli workers while they sliced up turkey and chicken breast, ham and roast beef, and yes, cheddar cheese to go on top. Sometimes they would give me a slice to taste because I looked hungry or perhaps I looked fetching – more likely the former. Now that we are living in the A.P. era (no, not Advanced Placement but Anno Pescataria because I have the same abbreviation dilemma with Post-Pescatarianism) I bypass the deli counter. The workers would watch me walk by their station and I used to wave, once saying, “my kids became vegetarians” (not entirely accurate but easier to explain) but now there is an icy chill that’s not just from the refrigeration case and I avert my eyes downward longing for an occasional slice of roast beef as I walk on by. Good cheddar cheese is available prepackaged from Applegate Farms or at Trader Joe’s so I don’t bother going to the counter because it is usually crowded and not worth waiting for one item. Actually, my pescatarian kids, by effectively severing my relationship with the deli counter workers may actually have saved me hours of deli counter wait time! I should be thanking them for causing me to live in the A.P. – a modern and more productive era in which I peck out this blog!

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