Happy St. Patrick’s Day Sans Corned Beef

As I have been lamenting, my children are pescatarians and I am outnumbered so I was faced with a new challenge this St. Patrick’s Day: what to serve the leprechauns for dinner? (If I had given birth to actual leprechauns I bet I would have made my corned beef and cabbage with parsnips in Jameson-spiked broth – quite popular at our St. Pat’s parties of past years). My solution? I looked through my Irish cookbooks and got inspired by Simon Pearce. What if I substituted parsnips for bacon (oh the sacrilege) in the Connemara Broth recipe and tweaked it for the vegetarian palate? Then I bought a Canadian wild caught salmon (since that’s the closest to an Irish salmon I rationalized) and broiled it with a whiskey citrus rub. Irish soda bread and broccoli on the side since its green and looks like leprechaun trees. Result? Happy pescatarian offspring and Mom’s Irish eyes were smiling on the outside, crying ‘deprived!’ on the inside.


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