Bonding Over Burgers with my Beloved Firstborn

Since her siblings have adopted pescatarianism, my bond with my beloved firstborn daughter has increased in an additional dimension – our shared love of burgers and other meaty delights. When she returned from college last May, I literally dropped my blog (as you can tell from the dates of the posts), since I temporarily was not in need of a venting platform to describe the plight I was in. The firstborn returned – yea! – and so the summer grill season began. I discovered a simple solution to the dilemma of providing a meal for the nonmeateating siblings – skewers! Skewers with shrimp or scallops, and assorted vegetables could share the grill without even touching the steak or chicken. And my son loved them so much he complimented me which just made me jab bamboo sticks into any combination of vegetables and seafood I could dream up. So colorful too! A blissful summer soon passed this way until I was outnumbered once more. My reprieve came one September day when I picked my daughter up at school to bring her home for the weekend and our stomachs started to growl for lunch on the way home. I wasn’t far from the exit to the Roosevelt Field Mall and we looked at each other thinking the same carnivorous thought, “Bobby’s Burger Palace!!!” Chef Bobby Flay has a chain of these order@register/bring2table establishments that do burgers better than eateries that claim to have the best burgers. (Believe me – I know this now – I’ve done many comparisons, some of which I will post). My daughter and I even share the same menu favorite which we both ordered that day, the ‘LA Burger” a Flay inspiration topped with watercress, white cheddar and guacamole – mmmmm! We sat there, dousing them with Bobby’s chipotle ketchup, sharing a mother daughter moment like a queen and princess with a giddy secret in the Palace. Long live King Bobby!

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