Happy Veterans Day to Military Cooks Everywhere

It’s Veterans Day which got me thinking, “do military cooks of today have to plan for dietary preferences such as pescatarianism or vegetarianism?” My guess is ‘no’ because unlike my kitchen, on a large scale accommodating different diets would go against the interests of the military in efficiency, simplicity, and maintaining the sanity of their cooks. Of course, my guess could be incorrect and military cooks would therefore be deserving of my utmost sympathy. Although, my son’s Boy Scout summer camp, which feeds a large group of khaki clad mini-soldier-like troops, does honor dietary preferences. My son, however, did ask me to write that he was a ‘vegetarian’ instead of a ‘pescatarian’ because the food at the camp the prior year was ‘sketchy’ and I was even glad that he’d be ingesting mac’n’cheese and pizza instead of those prepackaged hamburgers that are often the subject of E. coli recalls. My Dad, a veteran of WW II, must’ve been a military cook’s dream, who’s favorite meal he told me was ‘chipped beef on toast’. Somehow I don’t think mess halls of today feature chipped soy crumbles on toast🍞Veterans, I salute you no matter your dietary choices 🇺🇸